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4 hour's ahead

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England is 6 hours behind of England

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Q: How different is Singapores time zone from the US?
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What are the different Kinds of time zones in the US?

Central Time Zone, Pacific time zone AND Atlantic time zone. - Anonymous Canadian

Does the US have specific time zone?

There is different parts that have time zones

Time zone between the US central and Washington D.C.?

US Central Time Zone is one hour different than the US Eastern Time Zone where Washington DC is located. 9 AM Central = 10 AM Eastern

Why does Greece have a different time zone to the US?

They are on completely different parts of the world. When it is daytime in Greece it is night in the US, so they have to have different times and so they are in different time zones.

Is Belize in the same time zone as the US?

There are 9 different time zones in the US (four, if we just count the continental US). Belize is in the Central Time Zone (UTC-6). That puts it in the same time zone as the US cities of Chicago, St. Louis, and Houston, among others, but not in the same time zone as New York City, Washington, Philadelphia or Miami.

What time zone is to the east of the mountian time zone?

The Central Time Zone is east of the Mountain Time Zone.

What is the largest time zone that passes over the US?

The time zone in the US that covers the biggest land area is the Central Time Zone.

What is a major US time zone?

Pacific Standard Time zone

What time zone is Gainesville Florida in?

US Eastern Time Zone

What is the time zone for Frankfort Kentucky?

US Eastern Time Zone

Which time zone in the US is farthest west?

The Pacific Time zone

What is the time zone in Washington D.C.?

Washington, DC, US is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone at present (winter). US Time Zone------------------GMT/UTC Zone------Military Time Zone ---- US Eastern Standard Time = GMT -5 = UTC -5 = R (Romeo)

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