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Well its complicated answer

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Q: How do plants and animals act as agents of chemical and physical weathering?
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What item made by humans that can be broken down by the agents of physical and chemical weathering?

Plants and animals and ice and frost

How do plants and animals act as agents of chemical weathering?

Animals and plants acts as agent of chemical weathering through their process of excretion.

Can groundwater cause erosion through chemical weathering?

Yes, because there are two types of weathering, chemical and physical weathering. Chemical weathering can cause erosion through its five agents.

What are two agents of chemical weathering?

There are so many agents of chemical weathering. The two main agents that cause chemical weathering are acid rain and carbon dioxide.

Does physical weathering increase chemical weathering?

Physical weathering breaks big rocks into little rocks and increases the surface area exposed to chemical agents, such as carbonic acid. The more the surface area, the faster the weathering.

What are the three agents of chemical weathering?

water,acids and air are all agents of chemical weathering

What are three agents of chemical weathering?

Water, Acids , and Air are all agents of chemical weathering

What are the agents of biological weathering?

The agents of "weathering" is both the agents of the physical and the chemical weathering combined. Agents of physical weathering can be: wind, water, sun, ice, gravity, rain, etc. Agents of chemical weathering may be: acid from roots, acid rain, oxidation/reduction (rusting), carbon dioxide, etc. They are the same because both physical and chemical weathering lead to erosion of rocks. In other words, both help rocks break down into smaller pieces. They are also the same because both physical and chemical weathering can occur with the same agent. For example, TREES. The roots of trees release acid to break down rocks (chemical weathering) while the roots of trees also grow into the cracks of rocks and help break them apart (physical weathering). Note that weathering is just the beginning process of erosion. Erosion is when stuff actually breaks down into smaller pieces.

What are the main agents of chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering is the break down of rocks by chemical mechanisms. The main agents of chemical weathering are Water, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and Acid rain.

What are the 6 agents of physical weathering?

The agents of weathering include water, wind, sun, ice, frost, and plants and animals. All these different agents work on rocks and make changes to them over years.

What are some main agents of physical weathering?

Natural agents of physical weathering: Rain, sand (driven by the wind), sunlight, the freeze/thaw cycle. Man-made agents of physical weathering: Acid rain.

How does mechanical weathering occur?

By Physical Means. (Agents are: Wind, Water, Gravity, Ice, Animals, and Plants)

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