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you do up too it and press the X button.then you walk around...
if it dusnt work then you have a problem!

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2009-10-06 18:47:03
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Q: How do you use the metal dietike on Sims 2 for PS2?
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Can you be a monster on sims 4 ps2?

The Sims does not have a Sims 4 and Sims 3 is not for the PS2. If you want to use a number for the word "for" stick to text messages or at least use it where others do not use numbers in there questions

How do you change sims in sims 2 castaway on ps2?

press L2 and use the arrows to select

How do you unlock all objects on sims 2 pets ps2?

Use cheat codes online

How do you get Sapphire on my sims?

you pull weeds or use your metal detector on candypalooza

How do you unlock the costume trunk on the sims for ps2?

use the cheat code . x , up x down x

How do you get sapphire on my sims kingdom?

you pull weeds or use your metal detector on candypalooza

What is better sims on PC or sims on ps2?

The Sims on PC is a lot better. First of all, you can actually contol the sims, and they actually have families. Also, you can use cheat codes to get a lot more stuff. Hope this helps!!! Heather MacGregor

How do you use aspiration points on sims 2 pets ps2 i have looked everywhere and in sims 2 ps2you can use them 2 buy stuff but what about in sims 2 PETS ps2?

make 125000 pet points then you can max all the points but dont forgot to upgrade all the shops in the town square first ... and thanks have a nice game

What stories on the sims 2 for PS2 can you do?

A story in the Sims 2 are already in the game or you can create your own. It use takes some creativity on your part. Just have fun and experiment with ideas.

How do you get abducted by aliens on The Sims 2 PS2?

To get a sim abducted by aliens on The Sims game have them buy a telescope. Use the telescope for a long time at night and aliens may appear.

How do you be abducted by aliens in sims 2 ps2?

Hi, you have to buy a telescope and watch/use it for many sims hours. And sometimes suddenly whil watching the stars, your sim can get abducted by aliens.

How do you get more lots in freeplay in sims 2 ps2?

u can use a cheat code just type in on google sims 2 unlock all lots cheat code X3

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