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To communicate with other cells

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Q: How does the unique structure of the nerve cell help it carry out its function?
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What type of structure would help nerve cells carry out this function?

It helps the cell connect with other nerve cells It helps the cell connect with other nerve cells

How a neuron adapted to carry out their particular job and function?

a neuron is well adapted to its function because of its thread like structure called as dendrites which carry the nerve impulses towards the central cell body....

Why is the nerve cell a unique cell?

Because of it's shape and function.

What is the function of the nerve cells?

The functions of the nerve cells is to carry messages around our body. To adapt to their job, they are very long and are branched at each end.Nerve cells receive, carry, and pass electrical impulses.Neurons (or nerve cells) are the smallest unit of the nervous system which send signals to the rest of the body to perform what ever function the brain wants it to; such as telling the heart to beat.

Why do the nerve cell and the sperm cell have different structures and shapes?

From structure, comes function. Cells have differentiated into different shapes based on the functions they are tasked to carry out.

Does a nerve cell carry messages in the body?

yes, that is their main function.

What is the name of the structure leading from the ear to the brain?

You have a nerve that carry the impulses from inner ear to brain. It is sensory nerve. It is the 8th nerve. It is called as vestibulocochlear nerve.

How does the nerve cell's shape help its function?

The part of the nerve cell which helps the cell to carry messages is the axon

What is a mixed nerve?

Mixed nerve is a nerve that carry all the motor function, sensory function and the autonomic function in a single fiber. Spinal nerve is the example of the mixed nerve. Some of the Cranial nerve on the other hand is not the mixed nerve as it only has one property which is either sensory or motor function.

How does a nerve cell function in a human?

The function of a nerve cell is to carry messages around someones body. To adapt to their job, they're very long and are branched at each end. Nerve cells also receive, carry and pass electrical impulses through someones body.

Dendrites function in the motor neuron?

To carry the nerve impulse from the CNS to the cell body

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