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1,570 C

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Q: How hot is a Bunsen burner at roaring flame?
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How hot is the safety flame in a Bunsen burner?

70 degrees and the roaring flame is 100 degrees so yeah hot hot dont touch

How hot can the yellow flame get on a Bunsen burner?

The yellow flame in a Bunsen burner can be as hot as 1000 degrees in centigrade scale.

What is a Bunsen burner made out of?

A Bunsen burner is made out of metal so the tube it has does not melt when the flame gets very hot.

What are the 3 different flames on a Bunsen burner?

there's the roaring blue flame, which is the hottest out of the three and is about 700 degrees celcius hot. there's also the safety flame, 300 degrees celcius and this flame is only used to show that the bunsen burner is on. it's a yellowish or orangey color. its the least hottest out of the three flames. the blue flame is invisible, so it could be difficult for people to see. its the most commonly used flame and its 500 degrees celcius hot.

What is a instrument with a hot blue flame used in laboratories?

A Bunsen Burner

What colour is a very hot flame on a Bunsen burner?

Blue and purple

Why is the Bunsen burner with a blue flame dangerous?

A bunsen burner with any flame is dangerous, because fire is hot! But, blue flames are hotter than yellow flames.

Color of a hot Bunsen burner?

The most efficient flame that a Bunsen burner can produce should be pale light blue, and almost invisible. A yellow or luminous flame should be avoided as it isn't as hot as the blue flame and leaves sut.

How hot is a safety flame on a Bunsen burner?

Very hot. 70-100 degrees celcius. HOT!

What does a gentle flame on a Bunsen burner do?

A blue flame is neither too hot or too cold as somebody else has said. But the gentle blue flame is good for heating something up with a temperature that is between the yellow safety flame and the roaring blue flame.

How does adjusting the barrel on the Bunsen burner affects the flame?

Adjusting the barrel on a bunsen burner increases or decreases the oxygen flow. Making it hotter, or not as hot.

What is the purpose of the sleeve on a Bunsen burner?

The purpose of the sleeve on a Bunsen Burner is to switch between the blue/transparent flame (the hot one) and the orange one.

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