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421 chemicals in Marijuana

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Q: How many chemical compounds are in marijuana?
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How many chemical compounds have been made?

2,167,102 chemical compounds are made

How many chemical compounds are there?

2,167,102 chemical compounds are known to man to dateMillions

How many compounds have the chemical formula C6H14?

the chemical formula C6H14 has 5 compounds

How many chemicals are found in marijuana?

0 chemicals are in marijuana. Only the NATURAL OCCURING compounds.

Why was it necessary for chemists to develop a system for naming chemical compounds?

It is necessary for chemists to develop a system for naming chemical compounds due to the many chemical compounds. There are so many of them that it would be confusing.

What is a list of chemical compounds and their formulas?

There are many thousands of chemical compounds. The link below provides access to one of them.

Can you list all chemical compounds?

There are thousands of chemical compounds. One chemical can form many different compounds depending on what is is combined with, and new combinations can also be formed. Thus, a list of ALL of them would be unlikely to contain all chemical compounds.

What are chemical compounds known as?

Chemical compounds.

Why it is consider the soap as a chemical?

If you read the ingredients of soap on the packaging, you will see many different chemical compounds listed. Soap is a mixture of chemical compounds.

How many electrons does glass have?

Glass is not a chemical element, it is a mixture of chemical compounds.

How many different chemical compounds exist?


What are drugs designed to closely resemble common illegal drugs in chemical structure and effect?

The general term for such compounds, which are usually intended to skirt around prohibitions, is "designer drugs." Lawmakers have finally wised up and started outlawing classes of compounds rather than specific compounds (for example, instead of saying that marijuana and its "active ingredient", a chemical called THC, are illegal, many places now have laws saying that cannabinoids ... anything that resembles and acts like THC/marijuana ... are illegal).

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