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During ovulation, a female pig typically releases 15 to 20 eggs. The eggs need to be fertilized within 12 hours for best results.

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Q: How many egg cell does a female pig produce during ovulation period?
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What is the use of the female period?

The female period is a time when the uterus expels the lining and egg from the last ovulation in preparation for the next.

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Ovulation can occur at any point during your cycle. Even during your period.

If i cant get pregnant is it because i ovulate during my period?

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Are you more likely to get pregnant during your ovulation period?


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You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

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Each woman has her own unique ovulation period. They can be tested through over the counter ovulation kits or by tracking a woman's cycle during a calendar month, starting the week after her period ends.

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This is normal. Women usually get cramps during ovulation and ovulation occurs a few weeks before your period

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