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Q: How many sperms cells do you think there are in a drop of seminal fluid?
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What would happen to sperm without fluid from the seminal vesicles?

I think the sperm won't be able to move without the fluid

Do the blood cells comprise the fluid or the solid portion of the blood?

The solid I think and the fluid is water

A fluid that carries substances both in its cells and dissolved in its liquid is?

i think bloodYeah I think so too.

Can water help to produce sperms?

dont think so

Why are the fluid produced by seminal vesicles and prostate gland important?

Think about it. Sperm is just the single swimming cell with the chromosomes. Semen is perm mixed in with liquid. The seminal vesicles and prostate gland produce the liquid that provides the sperm with a proper environment in which to swim in to fertilize the egg. So yes they are very important.

Is flagella an animal or plant cell?

Flagella are not cells - they are extensions of cells that render the cell motile. (Think of it as a tail of some sort.) Sperms have flagella and other unicellular organisms such as paramecium and other organisms such as bacteria have flagella too. It isn't common for plant cells to have flagella.

Why is blood called the fluid tissue?

i would think its because has a liquid part as well as a solid part to it. Blood is composed of red blood cells & white blood cells etc... Tissues on a simple scale are defined as a compilation of cells so....there you go, a fluid tissue.

Why do you think there are so many more sperms than eggs?

Because sperms are weak so alot will die easily therfore they should be superfluous in amount to ensure fertilisation.

Can a male without testicle have a baby?

nope don't think so, where would the sperms be produced.

What is the clear liquid in your body that fights disease?

I think you may mean lymph the fluid in which the white blood cells that fight disease are carried.

What do you think would happen if you had no lymphatic system?

If you had no lymphatic system your body would bloat from the fluid that seeped out of the vessels and cells and could not be recollected.

Is it good for health to shoot out spearms?

Ummm assuming you mean *sperms* well i dont think its healthy but i dont think its unhealthy either

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