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it has a tail for swimming to the egg

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2012-10-01 16:52:10
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Q: How sperm cell feature enables it to carry out its role?
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How does a sperm cell feature help carry out its function?


Give one feature the root hair cell has and explain how it enables it to carry out its role?

it has a nucleus and a cell wall it helps it carry out its job by telling it what to do

What enables a sperm cell to move?


What does the tail in the sperm cell do?

it enables the sperm to move around to reach the egg

What normal feature does the sperm cell have?

The normal features of a sperm cell are the nucleaus,cytoplasm and cell membrane.

What feature would be present in root hair but not in sperm cell?

Cell Wall

What features does a sperm cell have that enables it to function?

Its long tail to allow the sperm to swim, so that it can fertilize an egg.

What are the similarities between a red blood cell and sperm cell?

A red blood cell and sperm cell are similar in that they both carry something to their destinations, for example, red blood cells carry oxygen around the body while sperm cells carry genetic information into the egg.

Does a sperm have a nucleus?

Yes. Otherwise the sperm cell would not be able to carry the male's genetic material.

What is the feature of the sperm cell that helps it do its job?

The flagellum, along with its chromosome.

What is a sperm cell main function?

sperm main function is to carry the male genes to the egg

What is the job of enzymes sperm cell its homeworkhomework and I'm stuck can anyone help me?

Firstly it's just homework and it enables the sperm to break through the cell membrane of an egg to fertilise it

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