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secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret no clue! clue! clue! clue! clue! clue! clue!

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Q: How to use betamax through magnetism?
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When was Betamax created?

Betamax was created in 1975.

How do homing pidgons and turtles use magnetism to navigate?

Homing pigeons use magnetism through tiny iron crystals in their beaks. Turtles use magnetism by sensing slight differences in magnetism throughout the ocean. It keeps them in the cycle of warm waters in a specific 8,000 mile path that they swim for years.

Can you charge a magnet back up after it has lost its magnetism through constant use?


Can magnetism pass through polystyrene?

Yes, magnetism passes through polystyrene

How do animals use magnetism?

Pidgeons use magnetism to find their way home

Can magnetism pass through fruit juice?

Magnetism CAN pass through fruit juice. If you were to use a bar magnet on the table attracting another magnet on the other side, it would still attract. Magnetic studs are a good example of magnetism because they can stick/ connect together even through the flap of the ear.

What is the difference between electricity and magnetism?

The difference between electricity and magnetism is that you must be in the same frame of reference as the electric field to experience electricity, because all that magnetism is, is electricity moving relative to you.Although they are two different forms of energy, you can use magnetism to create electricity and you can use magnetism to create electricity.Electricity is the flow of energy or current through a metallic substance. Magnetism is the attraction of the metallic molecules in a solid or substance.

Can magnetism pass through copper?


Can magnetism pass through magnetic materials?

yes answer 2: No, magnetism can only pass through non magnetic materials.

Does a television use magnetism?

Yes, the "old" televisions use magnetism to controll the movements of the electrons.

Do tv's use magnetism?


Who invented betamax?


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