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The Mochica were skilled farmers and the Chavin made elaborate textiles, pottery, and stone carvings.

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The Mochica were a later civilization than the Chavin, established around 100 AD, and were known for their advanced irrigation systems and elaborate pottery. The Chavin, on the other hand, were an earlier civilization known for their monumental architecture and religious imagery, flourishing around 900 BC to 200 BC.

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Q: How were the Mochica different from the Chavin?
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What happened to the chavin and mochica?

They died

Where did the names chavin and mochica come from?

The Spanish

What happened to end the Chavin and Mochica civilizations?

They died

What did the chavin and mochica leave behind?

art, bones and other artifacts

What mystery remains unsolved about the Chavin and Mochica civilization?

their artifacts can no longer be longed

How did you know about the chavin and the mochica?

They left great things that archeologist are still looking for but with every thing they find we learn more about

What is one achievement of mochica and chavin?

The Chavin culture was very architectural and they built huge temples and buildings. They made marvelous carvings and pottery of what seemed to be a ferocious-looking god, part jaguar and part human. The Mochica people forged their own empire and they were very skilled farmers, developing methods of terracing, irrigation, and fertilization.

Compare and contrast the societies that existed under the Chavín cult and the Mochica State?

Both Chavín cult and Mochica State were influential societies in ancient Peru, but they differed in key aspects. The Chavín cult focused on religious practices and central authority within a wide cultural sphere, while the Mochica State was a more centralized political entity with a strong warrior elite. The Chavín society is linked to the development of religious art and architecture, while the Mochica State is known for its advanced irrigation systems and intricate ceramics.

How did archaeologists name the Chavin and Mochica?

Archaeologists named the Chavin culture after the site of Chavín de Huántar, where the culture's ruins were first discovered. The Moche culture was named after the Moche River in northern Peru, where their archaeological sites were extensively studied.

Where did mochica and chavin live?

The Chavin lived in narrow valleys formed by rivers that flowed from the peaks to the desert floor. You could also say they lived in mountains of Peru. The Mochia lived in Mochia Valley. Like the Chavin they lived between the mountains of Peru. Evidence shows that they probably settled along the dry coast of Peru as well. Hope this helped !

What are the chavin and mochica best known for today?

The Chavín are best known for their impressive stone architecture and religious symbolism found at sites like Chavín de Huántar. The Moche are famous for their sophisticated irrigation systems, elaborate pottery, and detailed representations of everyday life depicted in their art.

What is the birth name of Chinga Chavin?

Chinga Chavin's birth name is Nick Chavin.