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If the sun increased the energy that it outputs by a mere 10 percent, the global temperatures would increase dramatically. This is because the energy output by the sun right now makes the Earth's temperature the optimum temperature for sustaining life.

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Q: If the sun increased its energy output by 10 percent what would happen to global temperatures?
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What is a direct concern stemming from rising global temperatures?

increased use of alternative energy sources. -- A+

Why has the temperatures increased?

Global Warming

What has happened to global temperatures as atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have increased?

They both have increased.

What has been linked to periods of increased global temperatures?

Fiercer storms.

What would happen to global temperatures if the amount of greenhouse gases increased or decreased?

increased = Hotter Decreased = Coler

What do many scientists theorize is the cause for the higher global temperatures?

Increased emissions of greenhouse gases

Which is the most likely outcome of increased global temperatures?

Rising sea levelsClimate change will occur.

What was the earths climate 50 years ago?

Global temperatures on both land and sea have increased by 0.75 °C (1.35 °F) relative to the period 1860-1900. Land temperatures have increased twice as fast as water.

What is called global warming?

Global warming is the slow, steady increase in global temperatures. It is caused by increased levels in carbon dioxide and other pollutants caused by things like factories, and transportation.

What are the specific effects of climate change?

Increased global temperatures, increased water levels due to melting of polar ice caps. Possibly more volatile weather.

How is global warming increased?

Global warming is increased by adding further greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide and methane. Average global temperatures rose by around 0.75 degrees during the twentieth century. The Kyoto Protocol set a target of limiting further rises to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, but the International Energy Agency now says that this target is no longer achievable.

What gas is responsible for trapping the sun's energy and causing an increase in global temperatures?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

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