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No. The day on slowly-rotating Pluto is about 6.4 Earth days long.

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Q: Is Earth's day longer than Pluto's day?
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Is mars day longer or shorter or longer than earths?


What planet has a day longer than earths year?

the farther away from the sun the day must be longer.

How many hours are in Plutos day?

Slightly more than 153 hours

Is Neptunes day shorter or longer than earths day?

Neptune has a shorter day than Earth, it spins once on its axis in 16 hours and 6 minutes, compared to 24 hours for Earth.

Is the earths rotation longer than the Moon's rotation?

The Earth rotates in 1 day. The moon takes 27.32 days to rotate.

What effect have tides had on the length of a day?

The tides are slowing the earths rotation and making the day longer.

What is mars rotating period?

The Martian "day" (rotation period) is 24 hours and 37 minutes - a little over 1/2 hour longer than earths day.

Why does mercury have a long day?

bcause mercury spins slower than earth causing earths days to be shorter and mercurys days much longer.

Is there a gum that has a flavor longer than a day?

no there is not a gum that has flavor longer than a day

Is the rotation of mars period longer or shorter than earths?

Longer. A day on Mars is around 39 minutes longer than a day on Earth, and it also takes Mars 668 days to make one trip around the sun (which means that seasons on Mars are also nearly twice as long as seasons on Earth are).

What planets days are longer than your year?

Venus "sidereal day" is longer than its year. Mercury's "solar day" is longer than its year. However, there is no planet in our solar system with a day longer than our year on Earth.

Is a day on Venus longer than a day on Earth?

Yes it is longer. There are 2 main definitions, but either way the Venus day is a lot longer than an Earth day.

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