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Q: Is Gems Bond Jewelry Network on-line live?
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What is the degree called that one would get if studying jewelry or gems?

For Gems its Gemologist Not sure about Jewelry.

What are gems used for?

Gems are primarily used in jewelry-making.

Why are gems valuable?

Gems are valuable because they use them for jewelry.

Where can one purchase jewelry pins used to display jewelry?

Jewelry pins for displaying jewelry, such as U-pins, can be purchased online from a number of retailers, such as: Amazon, eBay, Fire Mountain Gems and Beadaholique.

When was Screen Gems Network created?

Screen Gems Network was created in 1999.

What mineral is used for jewelry and decoration?


What has the author Antoinette Leonard Matlins written?

Antoinette Leonard Matlins has written: 'Jewelry & gems, the buying guide' -- subject(s): Precious stones, Jewelry, Purchasing 'Colored gemstones' -- subject(s): Gems, Purchasing 'Gem identification made easy' -- subject(s): Precious stones, Identification 'Jewelry & gems' -- subject(s): Precious stones, Jewelry, Purchasing 'Jewelry & gems' -- subject(s): Purchasing, Precious stones, Jewelry 'Jewelry & gems, the buying guide' -- subject(s): Purchasing, Precious stones, Jewelry, Compras, Piedras preciosas, Joyas

What are some uses of turquoise?

jewelry, pigment ,and gems

Which is the major export product from india?

gems and jewelry

What are three uses for gems?

Gems can be used as security for a loan, payment for goods or services, or can be fashioned into jewelry.

Where can olivine be brought from?

Olivine can be bought off E-bay. They sell gems, rings, and other kinds of olivine jewelry. Regular gems not in jewelry can be bought too.

Suggest a new name for your jewelry shop?

sparkling gems

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