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Q: Is a parsley plant a young parsnip plant?
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What is plant in same family as caraway carrot coriander cumin dill fennel parsley and parsnip?


Is a parsley plant a woody plant?

No, parsley is an herbaceous plant.

Is parsnip a taproot plant?


What part of the plant does parsnip come from?

The Roots

What is a parsley?

In simple words its a herb. Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is in the same family (Apiaceae) as parsnip, celery, dill, and carrots. The word "parsley" comes from the Latin petros selinon, meaning "rock celery."

What is the growth time for parsnips?

Parsnip usually take one year to fully grow. Parsnip is a root vegetable, that is a biennial plant. However, half of the year does not produce a parsnip, but only the root, so it takes a full year for the plant to grow.

Is parsley a plant or an animal?

Parsley in my terms is a type of herb

What plants does a black swallowtail eat?

Only caterpillars actually eat the leaves of the various plants; adult butterflies feed on nectar from various plant types. Caterpillars feed on varying members of the carrot family including parsnip (this butterfly is also sometimes called the parsnip swallowtail), Queen Anne's Lace, dill, parsley and others.

What does parsley eat?

Parsley is a plant. Plants do not eat, they make their food from sunlight.

What is a plant that is a relative of parsley?


Can you substitute parsnip for parsley when making chicken soup?

You would not want to make that substitution. The flavor of parsnip is totally different from that of parsley. The roots of vegetables carry the strongest flavor and the root of parsnip can be bitter. Many stores cut the root from the parsley before display, however if you ask the grocery clerk he will save a few bunches with root still attached for you. You may also use the stem of the parsley in your recipe by cutting and tying the bunch together with kitchen string as you would with a bouquet garni. Use this in the soup for flavor and remove the cooked bundle of stems prior to final preparation of the soup. Finely chop some of the leaves for extra flavor and color.

What do parsnips smell like?

A raw parsnip tastes like a cross between a carrot and a potato, and smell a little bit like fresh parsley.

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