Is polythene ductile

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Ductile is that property of being shaped,

rubber tends to be the exact opposite.

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It is because its high malleability

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Yes, acrylic is ductile.

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Q: Is polythene ductile
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Is polythene ductile or brittle?

Polythene is a type of plastic that is generally considered to be ductile. This means it can deform without breaking when subjected to stress or strain, making it suitable for a variety of applications where flexibility is required.

What is polythene rod made of?

The polymer "polythene".

What is more flexible aluminium or polythene?


Is polythene a chemical?

Polyethene (polythene, polyethylene) is a chemical product.

When was Polythene - album - created?

Polythene - album - was created in 1996.

Why does polythene have a negative charge with a cloth?

When polythene is rubbed with a cloth, electrons are transferred from the cloth to the polythene, causing the polythene to become negatively charged. This transfer of electrons creates an imbalance of charges between the two materials, resulting in the polythene having a negative charge.

What are the hazards of food served in polythene bags?

hazards of polythene bags

When polythene is rubbed with wool why does the polythene becomes negatively charged?

When polythene is rubbed with wool, electrons are transferred from the wool to the polythene due to differences in their electronegativities. The polythene gains extra electrons, making it negatively charged, while the wool becomes positively charged due to losing electrons.

Can polythene be used to make clothes?

Yes polythene can be used to make clothes

How the polythene is damaging the ozone layer?

Polythene has indisposable. They cause thus problems.

Is a polythene a nayural fiber or a synthetic fiber?

yes polythene is a synthetic fiber

When was Polythene Pam created?

Polythene Pam was created on 1969-09-26.