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Because soluble salts are easily dissociated in ions in water solutions.

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Yes, salt solutions are considered strong electrolytes because they dissociate into ions completely when dissolved in water, allowing them to conduct electricity effectively.

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NaCl - yes

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Q: Is salt solution a strong electrolyte?
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Related questions

Is a strong acid also a strong electrolyte?

No, it can also be a strong base or a salt solution.

What is the characteristic of salt solution?

A salt solution is an electrolyte.

Is sodium chloride a strong or weak electrolyte?

Yes, because acetic acid is a weak acid (therefore it is a weak electrolyte), but NaCl is a salt that ionizes completely. In general salts and strong acids and bases are strong electrolyte, while weak acids and weak bases are weak electrolytes.

Is a neutral solution a strong electrolyte?

No, a neutral solution does not necessarily mean that it is a strong electrolyte. The strength of an electrolyte depends on its ability to dissociate into ions in solution. A neutral solution may contain weak electrolytes or non-electrolytes.


A salt solution is an electrolyte.

Is KI a weak electrolyte?

No, potassium iodide (KI) is a strong electrolyte because it completely ionizes in solution into potassium ions (K+) and iodide ions (I-) which allows it to conduct electricity efficiently.

What is the characteristic of the solution?

A salt solution is an electrolyte.

Is common salt solution is an electrolyte?

Yes, the water solution of sodium chloride is an electrolyte.

Sodium acetate Strong weak or nonelectrolyte?

something is a strong electrolyte if it is a strong base, strong acid, or a soluble salt. Sodium acetate is in fact a soluble salt because anything with a group one element will dissolve. Sodium Acetate is a strong electrolyte.

What is an electrolyte that is completely dissolved in a solution and still can conduct a sharp electrical current called?

A strong electrolyte, such as a strong acid, strong base, or soluble salt, that is completely dissociated into ions in a solution is able to conduct a sharp electrical current. This high conductivity is due to the presence of free-moving ions that allow the flow of electricity through the solution.

Is table salt a strong or weak or non-electrolyte?

Table salt (sodium chloride) is a strong electrolyte in aqueous solution. It dissociates completely into sodium ions and chloride ions, allowing it to conduct electricity effectively.

Which produces more ions in solution a strong or weak electrolyte?

A strong electrolyte produces more ions in solution than a weak electrolyte. Strong electrolytes ionize completely in solution, while weak electrolytes only partially ionize. This means that strong electrolytes produce a higher concentration of ions in solution.