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My Voice Cracked when i talked for about 2 hours then it got normal, and cracked again, i dont have the cold and yesterday i talked and made an uncontrollable squeak, my friends told me that its been squeaking for about 2 months, is it breaking?

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โˆ™ 2010-12-11 22:06:16
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Q: Is your voice Breaking
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How long does it take for your voice to break but my voice is breaking?

It all depends on when and how you hit puberty, if your voice is breaking now, a couple of months maybee

Does it hurt when voice breaking?

No. The voice can sometimes sound scratchy but it won't hurt.

How can you be sure that your voice is breaking?

You can tell your voice is breaking, or cracking, when you notice a certain noise. If it cracks, either your voice will get higher, or your voice will turn into a whisper type for a brief moment. Don't be embarrassed if this happens to you, it happens to everyone at some point.

What is the first sign of Male voice breaking?

The first noticeable sign of the male voice breaking would be it cracking on some words or during telling/screaming.

Average age of a person's voice breaking?

14 to 16

If you have an Adam's Apple does that mean your voice is done maturing?

If you have an Adam's apple then this means your voice has finished breaking.

Does your voice breaking hurt?

of course it does, when your voice is breaking you will feel some pain. This just means that your voice is getting better or it has just started to break. No. You don't feel pain when your voice break. You will only hear the changes in your voice. If you experience pain, tell your parents so they can get you to a doctor for medical check.

What term describes any change in vocal quality or the cracking of a boy's voice during puberty?

'Voice breaking'.

How do you break voice?

You cannot force your voice to break, as the 'breaking' is caused by hormone reaction within the larynx (voice box). The voice usually breaks between the age of 14 and 16.

How will you know if the voice is from boys?

I am not sure what you are asking here, are you wondering how you can tell if a voice (for example, over the phone) is a boy's voice or a girl's voice or are you enquiring about a boy's voice changing in pitch (breaking) during puberty?

Does Justin Bieber take pills to stop his voice breaking?

Unknown, but unlikely.

What are some similes in Breaking Dawn?

"Edward's voice was cold as ice, sharp as razors."Breaking Dawn pg. 66; "…Her flawless face was pale as the moon…" Breaking Dawn pg. 403; "…Skin glistering subtly, luminous as a pearl." Breaking Dawn pg. 403 "My voice rang and shimmered like a bell." Breaking Dawn pg. 394 "He kissed me, soft as a whisper…" Breaking Dawn pg. 394

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