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Powdery mildew

Downey mildew

Dollar spot


Dutch Elm disease



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Q: Plant diseases caused by fungi
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Two plant diseases caused by Fungi?

Dont touch it then you wont get fungi Rust and smut

Which plant disease is caused by fungi and what are its mode of transmission?

Many plant diseases are caused by fungi through their spores. For example white rust of crucifers is caused by Albugo candida. Its mode of transmission is by wind born conidiospores.Many plant diseases are caused by fungi though their spores. For example white rust of crucifers is caused by Albugo candida.Its mode of transmission is by wind borne conidiospores.

What are diseases caused by fungi?

One of the diseases caused by fungi is candidiasis. It is generally known as a yeast infection.

What has the author S A J Tarr written?

S. A. J. Tarr has written: 'The fungi and plant diseases of the Sudan' -- subject(s): Phytopathogenic fungi, Plant diseases 'A supplementary list of Sudan fungi and plant diseases' -- subject(s): Fungi, Plant diseases

What human diseases are caused by imperfect fungi?

human diseases such as ringworm and athletes foot are caused by imperfect fungi.

Plant disease csused by microorganisms?

Most plant diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. one disease caused by microorganisms is the black spot of rose.

What diseases is always caused by a virus?

No diseases can also be caused by bacteria, amebas and fungi

Diseases caused by fungi are called?


What are the diseases caused by fungi in animals?


What diseases is caused by fungi?

by dirty waters

What are the disease caused by fungi to plants?

Thrush, Ringworm and Athletes Foot are human diseases caused by fungi.

What human diseases are cause by fungi?

Some diseases caused by fungi are "tinea pedis" and "tinea corporis", but fungi can also cause pneumonia.

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