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Yes, I believe it means your pump and filter are running correctly. You may want to adjust your jet so that the water discharge is just below the surface and circulating around the pool properly. My pool company told me to place the return jet at an angle facing away from the skimmer. It should be angled so that very little water movement can be noticed from the surface. The pool companies often set the showroom return jets in a way that is angled too high. They do this just for "show." If the return is set right, surface materials end up in the skimmer and bottom materials end up in one general spot in the center which is very easily vacuumed.

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Q: Should the surface water in your pool be moving a lot?
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Should you drain the water when swimming pool is not in use?

No, then you have to refill it and that is a waste of water If it is an inground pool being dry will ruin the pool surface and in high water table areas the risk of turning it into a boat is very real.

What you mean by acid water?

With a new pool surface installed- Diamond Brite or any aggregate surface- is it possible or doable to acid wash the pool with water in the pool??

Where do you take a water pool sampling?

20-30 Cm below the surface of the pool water.

How much water should a pool lose on an average summer day in the south?

The answer will depend on the South of what? Which country or continent?It will also depend of the exposed surface area of the water in pool.

Why are your Swimming pool jets not moving water?

The pool filter needs to be "back washed"

How many gallons of water should a swimming pool lose daily?

That all depends on the size of the surface of the pool the amount of people going in and out of the pool etc. To see if a pool is leaking take a bucket of water out of the pool, mark the water level of the pool and the water level in the bucket. Then leave the pool and bucket alone for a day or two. if the water level in the pool has gone down more then the water level in the bucket then there is a leak or water is being removed in some way. If the levels are the same then the water lost is a result evaporation.

How do you treat a pool that has white frothy stuff on the water's surface?

what what If the pool has a pump, try a surfactant.

Why is there a spray of water in the pool for the divers?

Water is sprayed onto the pool surface, creating a ripple effect, so the diver can see the surface. Without it, the water takes on a glass-like appearance, and all you can see is the bottom of the pool. The diver needs to be able to spot the water surface in order to enter the water correctly in the vertical position.

What are the tiny black creatures moving around in your pool?

Water bugs.

Should you trim the solar blanket that is a little bit larger than the pool?

Yes, trim it to size so that it lays flat on the surface of the pool. k It should not be larger than the pool (as you stated in your question). It needs to fit in the pool so that it floats. The entire cover should be making contact with the water.

What are some pool cleaning products for pool maintenance?

Some pool cleaning products are Surface Magic Water Surface Cleaner,Pool Perfect, Polaris pool cleaner,Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine, and Hayward Pool Vac XL.

How do you get rid of these flying orange bugs that land on the pool and on you?

You can keep the water moving, it does not allow the bugs to land on the surface. Turn on the aireator more often, they do not like to fly through it.

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