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Q: The application of chemistry to a specic purpose?
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What is the purpose of chemistry?

There is no point to chemistry.

What are the examples of application of chemistry in our daily lives?

Chemistry is all around. Some examples of the application of chemistry are antibiotics, prepared and processed foods, cooking and baking.

How chemistry differ from chemical technology?

Chemistry is the science of matter. chemical technology is the application of chemistry.

Why is chemistry considered part of science and technology?

Chemistry is about as pure a definition of science as could be found; it is sometimes mislabelled under technology, although technology is the application of science to a worldly purpose, not the science itself.

What is the different between a general-purpose application and a specialized application package?

how is general purpose application and specialized application package

Does chemistry and physics have any mathematical application or no?

Mathematics is applied to physics and chemistry.

What is the purpose of textile chemistry?

The applied science of textile materials, consisting of the application of the principles of the many basic fields of chemistry. The study of textile chemistry begins with the knowledge of the textile fibers themselves. These are normally divided into three groups: natural, manufactured, and synthetic.

Is developing a shampoo to be used with dry or damaged hair pure chemistry or applied chemistry?

Applied chemistry, of course! Applied chemistry is as the name implies - it's taking chemistry and creating an application - in this particular case, the "application" is dry or damaged hair.

What are the application of chemistry in civil engineering?

a bum

What is chemical technolygy?

This is the industrial application of chemistry.

How does law enforcers related to chemistry?

Forensic chemistry is the application of chemistry to law enforcement or the failure of products and processes.

What is nano science and its application to chemistry?

in chemistry the use of nanoscience is to enlarge your penis :D

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