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Q: What animal eats plants fruits and vegetables?
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What animal that eats fruits and vegetables?


What do you call an animal that eats meat and vegetables?

an animal that eats both meat and vegetables is called an omnivore

If an animal eats meats fruits and vegetables it is a an?

animals that eat both meat and vegetables are called omnivores

What is a omnivarian?

"Omnivarian" would mean someone who eats ALL foods - meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, grains and fruits. The idea is taken from "omnivore," which describes an animal that eats both plants and animals.

How would you describe what carnivore eats?

Carnivores eat meat, or the flesh of living things, but not plants, vegetables or fruits.

What is an animal called that eats vegetables and meat?

An animal that eats both meat and vegetables is called an omnivore.

What animals cannot trace the origin of their energy back to plants?

None. Every animal either eats plants, or eats another animal that eats plants, or eats another animal that eats another animal that eats plants.

How do you know if an animal is a carnivore or a herbivore?

A carnivore is a meat-eater.A herbivore is an animal that does not eat meat but instead eats plants,fruits,and vegetables.An omnivore eats both.

Do cougars eat vegetables or fruit?

Cougars eats both vegetables and fruits.

Animal that eats plants or animals?

Carnivore= animal that eats other animals Herbivore= animal that eats plants Omnivore= animal that eats both animals and plants ( humans)

Is a turtle produser?

No! Of course not. It is a consumer. A consumer is an animal that eats plants or other animals. (also fruits e.t.c) Producers are plants.

Why do you call a animal that eats animals that eats plants?

An animal that eats plants is called a Herbivore. A carnivore is an animal that eats meat.

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