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No appliances should be used with a frayed or damaged electrical cord.

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Q: What appliances use frayed or damaged electrical cords?
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Where do most electrical accidents happen at home?

From poor connections, worn electrical cords, frayed electrical cords and using larger wattage bulbs then authorized.

Why are electrical insulators used to cover the conducting wires in electrical cords attached to appliances?

Electrical insulators are used to cover the conducting wires in electrical cords attached to appliances so that you don't touch the actual wiring.

Are electrical cord frayed or cracked?

They can be of they are old or have been abraded. If they are they should be replaced with new cords.

Why are damaged electrical cords dangerous?

because it can can cause fire or electrical shock.

What is the difference between neurons and electrical cords?

Neurons are in your brain, and are organic. While electrical cords are synthetic and supply electronics and many appliances or home decorating (such as lamps) with power.

Why is it important for all the electrical appliances to have nonmetals around the outsides of cords plugs and handles?

It is important for all the electrical appliances to have non-metals around the outsides of cords plugs and handles. This is what will serve as insulators which will not allow electric current to pass through.

Do Name three ways to use electricity safely?

Unplug the electrical object when it is not in use. Only allow qualified individuals to repair, maintain or operate electrical equipment. Keep electrical cords away from heat sources. An extra one. Replace, don't repair worn or frayed electrical cords.

What are the most common types of electrical faults in domestic system?

Damaged or frayed wires that can cause shocks or short circuits, loose wire connections that cause sparking, overloaded circuits that consistently trip breakers and overloading extension cords beyond their rated capacity.

How did the battery change society?

It allowed people to use electrical appliances without wires. Instead of electrical cords, people could just take batteries.

Why are appliances cord made of stranded wire?

Appliances cords are made of stranded wire because of the flexibility of these types of cords.

Do's and don't's of electrocution?

DOCrawl around your house for a child's-eye view of potential hazards.Place safety covers on all unused outlets.Replace -- never tape -- cracked or frayed cords.Install ground-fault circuit interrupters -- designed to switch off power if they detect changes in electrical current -- on any outlet that could be exposed to water, such as in the bathroom or kitchen.Place furniture in front of outlets to keep them out of your child's sight.Use cord covers to tuck loose electrical cords against a baseboard so children can't pull, chew, or trip on them.Know where your home's fuse boxes and circuit breakers are and how to turn them off in an emergency.DON'TUse extension cords as permanent substitutes for too few outlets.Overload an extension cord with more appliances than it is designed to accommodate.Keep appliances close to the sink or tub, where they could accidentally fall into the water.Run electrical cords under rugs. Walking over cords could fray or damage them.Allow electrical cords to hang off countertops, where a child might pull them.

Some electrical appliances perform quite unsatisfactory when long extension cords are used Why?

Wire has resistance to current flow. The more wire the more resistance.

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