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They are rocks formed from pieces of pre-existing rocks or organic debris.

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Q: What are detrital sedimentary rocks?
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What are the main types of sedimentary rocks?

they are detrital sedimentary rocks,chemical sedimentary rocks,biochemical sedimentary rocks.

Detrital rocks are?

Detrital rocks are sedimentary rocks that are composed of particles of weathered and eroded igneous, metamorphic, or other sedimentary rocks that have been deposited, compacted, and cemented together. Sandstone, conglomerate, shale, and breccia are examples of detrital sedimentary rocks.

What is a type of detrital sedimentary rock?

Conglomerate, sandstone, shale, and breccia are detrital sedimentary rocks.

What minerals are most common in detrital sedimentary rocks?

The most common minerals in detrital sedimentary rocks are quartz grains and clay.

Describe how detrital sedimentary rocks are classified?

Detrital sedimentary are classified according to the size and shape of their sediments.

Which sedimentary rocks are derived from weathered particles?

Detrital sedimentary rocks are made from weathered rocks.

Are sedimentary rocks formed from fragments of other rocks chemical sedimentary rocks?

No. The rocks you describe are clastic or detrital sedimentary rocks.

What pair of minerals most common in detrital sedimentary rocks?

Answer: Clay and Quartz are the pair of minerals most common in detrital sedimentary rocks.

What are two categories of sedimentary rock?

Detrital and Chemical Sedimentary rocks

Do detrital sedimentary rocks have clastic textures?


How are detrital chemical and biochemical sedimentary rocks different?

Detrital rocks are composed of rock particles, chemical sedimentary rocks are composed of precipitated minerals.Examples:Detrital or clastic rocks:ConglomerateBrecciaSandstoneShaleChemical sedimentary rocks:Rock saltSome limestonesRock gypsumWhat_is_the_difference_between_detrital_and_chemical_sedimentary_rock

What are detrital rocks formed from?

Detrital sedimentary rocks, also called clastic sedimentary rocks, are composed of rock fragments that have been weathered from pre-existing rocks. They are the most common rocks on the surface of the earth.

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