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The following are the advantages of using the greenhouse for growing crops under controlled environment: 1. Throughout the year four to five crops can be grown in a greenhouse due to the availability of required plant environmental conditions. 2. The productivity of the crop is increased considerably. 3. Superior quality produce can be obtained as they are grown under suitably controlled environment. 4. Gadgets for efficient use of various inputs like water, fertilizers, seeds and plant protection chemicals can be well maintained in a greenhouse. 5. Effective control of pests and diseases is possible as the growing area is enclosed. 6. Percentage of germination of seeds is high in greenhouses. 7. The acclimatization of plantlets of tissue culture technique can be carried out in a greenhouse. 8. Agricultural and horticultural crop production schedules can be planned effectively to take advantage of the market needs. ­ 9. Different types of growing medium like peat mass, vermiculate, rice hulls and compost that are used in intensive agriculture can be effectively utilized in the greenhouse. 10. Export quality produce meeting international standards can be produced in a greenhouse. 11. When the crops are not grown, drying and related operations of the harvested produce can be taken up utilizing the entrapped heat. 12. Greenhouses are suitable for automation of irrigation, application of other inputs, and environmental controls by using computers and artificial intelligence techniques. 13. Self-employment for educated youth on farm can be increased.

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Q: What are the advantages of greenhouse technology?
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