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Water resources are found from Niagara falls in the western corner of the state, the St. Lawrence River, Hudson River, and Erie Canal system, all used for transporting goods and recreational purposes, and New York Harbor. There are many lakes throughout the state for recreation, and beach recreational areas on Long Island. The St. Lawrence River is also home to the St. Lawrence Project, a major hydro electric power generation operation shared by New York State and Canada. New York State borders two of the Great Lakes, Ontario and Erie, which offer commercial and recreational use.

There are fishing lakes and streams, freshwater, wetlands, wildlife, forests, and the coast of Long Island; water based recreation is a major industry of New York State.

Agriculture is a leading economic resource, from milk, butter, cheese, fish, beef, apples, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables.

Tourism is also a leading industry in New York State; between New York City and Niagara Falls are leading mountain and lake recreational ares for camping, skiing, hiking, and water sports.

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Q: What are the natural resources of New York?
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