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Philippines are blessed with good soil. Different kinds of plants can be able to grow like rice, corn, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, flowering plants and a lot of its kind.

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2008-04-21 10:13:28
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Q: What are the plants that grow in the Philippines?
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Do plants grow in the Philippines?

Yes. Plants grow everywhere on Earth.

What flowering plants grow well in Manila Philippines?


Examples of plants that grow from leaves found in the Philippines?

Some examples of plants grown from leaves in the Philippines are tawatawa, tuba tuba, akapulko, and sambong. Each of these plants

What are some non-flowering plants that grow in the Philippines?

The diversity of non-flowering plants in the Philippines is massive. The Philippines has a great number of non-flowering gymnosperms and bryophytes. Check out the related links for a list of some of these non-flowering plants.

What plants live in the Philippines?

The Philippines has several different types of plants that grow in the country. Some of the plants are the golden trumpet, fuchsia, and the calla lily.the trees amd flowers and sampaguita and acacia and narra

Where do tuba tuba plants grow?

the tuba tuba plant could be found in the Philippines.

What kind of flowering ornamental plants grow in other countries but not in the philippines?

cherry blossoms

How do mulunggay plants reproduce?

Apparently mulunggay plants reproduce by seed. The plants produce pods which contain the seed. Also it is common in the Philippines to grow plants from cuttings.

How many plants does Philippines have?

there are fourteen thousand species of plants in philippines

What are some examples of vine plants in the Philippines?

Example of vine plants in the philippines

How many plants species are there in the Philippines?

tehre are 3500 plants species found in the philippines

What does plants grow from?

Plants Grow from seed.

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