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there is vegetables and fruits

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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

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Which statement explains why oxygen molecules easily diffuse across a cell membrane while glucose molecules do not

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Q: What are the two groups of plants called?
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What are the two groups of flowering plants called?

angiosperms and gymnosperms

What are two main groups of plants?

The two main groups of plants are vascular and non-vascular.

When you divide plants trees animals and flowers what are the two groups called?

The two kingdoms would be Animalia (for animals) and Plantae (for flowers, plants and trees)

What is the two major groups into which plants are organized?


What are The two large groups of plants are those that have leaves and those that to not have leaves?

false the two large groups are seed plants and nonseed plants

There are two major groups of land plants?

Yes. Two major ones, and a number of minor groups. The two major groups are the conifers and the leaf trees, otherwise called, 'coniferous trees and deciduous trees'.

Can plants be divided in two groups?

can plant s be divided in two groups

What are two groups into which plants can be grouped?

flowering plants is one

What is the two classification of plants?

Plants are classified into two different, broad groups. These groups are the vascular and non vascular. From there, they are further classified.

Scientists today divide plants into two large groups based on?

scientists today divide plants into two large groups based onwhat are the two large groups of plants Edited answer: Based on vasculature, the plant kingdom is divided into- 1. Vascular and 2. Non-vascular plants.

What are two group of plant?

the two groups of plants are vascular and non-vascular plants

How many groups are plants divided into?

Plants are divided into two groups they are Flowering and Non-flowering

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