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to move solutes against their concentration gradients

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Q: What best describes why cells need active transport mechanisms?
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Four major transport mechanisms do substances get into and out of cells?

Diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion, and active transport

What ways can cells move things by active transport?

Cells can move things by active transport by engulfing, and protein transport

What is a sentence for active transport?

Active Transport is carried out in our body cells. Active Transport uses energy to transport materials.

What mechanisms will cause absorption of nutrients by intestinal cells?

Absorption of nutrients by intestinal cell occurs by all of the following mechanisms including active transport via the sodium pump, diffusion, and osmosis.

What part of cells transport energy?

The Active transport

What is the movement of materials through a cell membrane?

Movement of substances into and out of cells include passive mechanisms that do not require cellular energy (diffusion, facilitated diffusion, osmosis, and filtration) and active mechanisms that use cellular energy (active transport, endocytosis,and exocytosis).

What is a good sentence for Active Transport?

Active Transport is carried out in our body cells. Active Transport uses energy to transport materials.

Can active transport occur in dead cells?

Active transport requires ATP molecules and can happen only in living cells

Why do cells prefer to use passive transport instead of active transport?

Active transport is not preferred but essential when cells have to take molecules into the cell against a concentration gradient.

Where is energy used in active transport?

in the cells

What do cells use to perform active transport?

ATP and Transport Proteins

Some substances move into cells by?

hydrogen bondingANS2:Substances are moved into cells by both active transport and passive transport. An example of active transport is "Endocytosis". An example of passive transport is "Diffusion".

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