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Q: What can melt easily conduct electricity when melted and does not change when electricity currents pass through it?
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Is a foam pillow a conductor or an insulator?

This depends on the type of foam. There have been made foam that actually conduct electricity. This is a choice made in the manufacturing of the foam. Most foam in mattresses and the like does not conduct electricity. Moisture however can change the mattresses conductivity drastically.

How do you make an elektromagnet stonger?

~Increase the amount of electricity flowing through it. ~Tighten the wire around it (if there is one) so it is making more coils than before. ~Change the core into one which will conduct electricity better than the other.

Does your body allow electricity to flow through it?

Yes of course, we have salts, minerals etc.... so they do The body is not a great conductor, but it can conduct electricity and that is why you can feel a shock through static electricity or a killing shock such as an electric chair. Conductance will vary from person to person and will change depending on conditions such as sweat, being wet from a shower and so forth.

How do you change oil to electricity?

oil goes through the generator and that turns it into electricity. the they go through the wires and get to the houses

Is copper conduct electricity a chemical change or a physical change?

It's neither since the copper isn't changing at all. Electrons are just flowing through the copper atoms.

What metal doesn't change when electricity goes through it?

Superconductors are metals that do not change when electricity goes through them. These materials offer zero electrical resistance, allowing electricity to flow through them without any loss of energy.

What elements are not malleable and do not conduct electricity?

Insulators. Their valence electrons are tightly bound because the valence shell is close to full or full. Since each shell can only only hold a certain amount of electrons, the number of electrons depends on which shell is the outer or valence shell.

What does conductivity mean in science term?

In science, conductivity refers to the ability of a material to conduct electricity or heat. It is a measure of how easily electric currents or heat can flow through a substance, with good conductors allowing for efficient flow and poor conductors hindering it. Conductivity is an important property in various fields such as physics, chemistry, and materials science.

What is a liquid metal conducts electricity and does not change when a current passes through it?

This metal is mercury.

How do wires change after the electricity goes through the smaller transformer?

voltage gets smaller

Is conductivity a physical property or a chemical property?

Conductivity is a physical property because it pertains to the ability of a substance to conduct electricity or heat. It is related to the arrangement of particles in a material rather than its chemical composition.

Is conducting electricity a physical change or a chemical change?

It's neither since the copper isn't changing at all. Electrons are just flowing through the copper atoms.