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Another opinion, (from one who has been there and done that):

If you're in a place where the eclipse is partial, you hear nothing unusual, and

if you didn't know that a solar eclipse was in progress, there would be nothing

weird to draw your attention to it.

But if you're in the path of totality or very near it, then you may hear nearby and

unusual winds that begin and end abruptly,as well as the sounds of birds going

through their evening settling-down rituals, then a heavy silence, and then, just

a few minutes later, their morning wake-up songs.

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During a total solar eclipse, the overall environment becomes quieter as birds may stop chirping and animals may behave differently due to the sudden darkness. Some observers have reported hearing a "roar" or "whooshing" sound during the eclipse, which may be attributed to changes in air temperature and pressure. However, this phenomenon is not experienced by everyone.

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Your dad snoring;)

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Q: What can you hear in a solar eclipse?
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