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not quite sure but you should really see a doctor

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Q: What could be the reason why im throwing up blood and cant keep anything down?
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Why are you throwing up blood peeing blood and pooping blood?

One reason could be a stomach ulcer and would need to be see by a doctor asap

What do you need to do if im throwing up blood?

you need to see a doctor!!!!! im sure there could be many different reasons why your throwing up blood.

What is the reason why segmenters in blood are low?

Segmenters are also referred to as neutrophils. The reason why segmenters in blood are low could be due to a viral infection.

Blood in clear discharge?

Go to the doctor. This could be caused by anything.

You are O what Blood type could your parents be?

Anything except AB

What could be the reason I'm having light bleeding and some brown blood clots around the time of my period?

As I am not a professional medical doctor or the likes, I don' t know the reason behind it but, from experience, don't drink anything cold.

What happens to the body if you drink blood?

im not quite sure it could do anything

Type A blood from mother and type B blood from father what does the child get?

They could be anything depending on the parental genotype.

What does it mean when dogs throw up yeiiowish-orange vomit?

A dog throwing a yellowish-orange color can mean that it had a bad stomach virus or, it ate too much food. Try not to feed your dog to much food in one serving. They can get terrible stomach bugs. Another reason it could be throwing up that color is because your dog could have a cold. It could be throwing up mucas (snot)

What will baby's blood type be if mom's is AB and dad is o?

Could be anything, we get our blood group from either parents or grandparents.

What are the key words to describe a throwing?

This depends upon what it is that you are throwing. Throwing a javelin is not like throwing a fit, or throwing a fight. Let's say you are throwing a javelin. Your throwing could be accurate, powerful, and (since a javelin is a weapon) perhaps deadly. But all of that depends upon context.

Why are your hands swollen for no reason?

Well it could be because of your blood pressure, an animal or insect bite... There are several things that it could be, really.

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