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did hualalai cause any dameges

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The most recent eruption in 1801 produced lava flows that destroyed houses and agricultural land on the western flank of Hualalai volcano in Hawaii. There were no casualties, but the damage was significant to local communities. Seismic activity and ground deformation are closely monitored to mitigate potential hazards from future eruptions.

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Q: What damage did hualalai volcano cause?
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What mountain range is hualalai volcano on?

the hawaiian volcanos range

How many people did hualalai volcano kill?

Hualalai volcano, located in Hawaii, has not caused any direct fatalities from eruptions. However, there have been deaths and injuries related to volcanic hazards such as rockfalls. The last eruption was in 1801.

When did the last volcano erupt and what damage did it cause?

That is what I want to know.

Who discovered hualalai and when did they discover it?

The Hawaiian volcano Hualalai was discovered by James Cook during his visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 1778. Cook saw the volcanic peak from a distance while sailing along the coast of the island of Hawaii.

How does a volcano cause a lot of damage?

when it erupts the lava can flow to places and the ash cloud and gases from the volcano are very dangerous for humans.

What damage did the diamond head volcano do before it went extinct?

Diamond Head volcano in Hawaii is not considered extinct; it is a dormant volcanic cone. It last erupted around 150,000 years ago. The volcano's eruptions were relatively small and not known to have caused significant damage.

How much damage did Penguin Island Volcano cause?

i think that the penguin island caused no damage because it is in the middle of nowhere

Were might volcano eruptions cause the most damage to people in Asia?

lots dude

What kind of damage did the haleakala volcano cause?

The Haleakalā volcano has caused damage in the past through volcanic eruptions, which resulted in lava flows destroying vegetation and infrastructure. Ash fall from eruptions has impacted air quality and agriculture in the surrounding areas. The volcano is currently dormant, but remains a potential hazard for future volcanic activity.

How many volcanos are in Hawaii?

there are 5 kilauea and mauna kea and mauna loa and hualalai and kohala kilauea is the activest volcano in Hawaii and mauna loa is the biggest volcano in Hawaii! i should know because i live in Hawaii

Did Cinder Cone Volcano's cause damage?

Cinder cone volcanoes sometimes cause massive damage. While they might not erupt with violent output, they do cause large mudslides that take lives and destroy property.

How much damage did Mt Etna's volcano cause 2002?

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