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I'm falling for you!!


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"Are you feeling okay? You look a little down."

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Q: What did the green leaf say to the brown leaf?
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What colour is a leaf?

A leaf can be brown if it is dead. Leave can be green, red, orange, yellow in the fall.

Why are some chrysalis green on a brown leaf?

Some chrysalises may be green because they blend in with the foliage for camouflage and protection from predators. The color of the chrysalis can be influenced by the environment where it pupates, such as the color of the leaf it attaches to.

What pigments are in a leaf?

there is not only green in a leaf .there is red,orange,purple,brown,and yellow but,you just can not see them.

What substances are in variegated leaves?

A leaf on a variegated plant is a leaf of different colors. Usually green and cream or pale brown.

When a leaf has lost its green color what color is it now?

Brown? Because it is dying now

If you boil a maple leaf what color does it turn?

green when its on a tree and brown when it dies

Is a leaf turning brown a physical or chemical change?

Photosynthesis makes a leaf green so when it turns brown it has stopped doing photosynthesis so most likely it is chemical change. Helpful enough? :|

Do you have a own room in the SS Anne in leaf green?

How do i say this nicely.... NO.

What is the green part of the leaf?

The green part of the leaf is green because of the chlorophyll inside

Where is Elm in leaf green?

elm is not in leaf green.

Does a katydid look like a leaf?

Yes, katydids are known for their leaf-like appearance, which helps them blend in with their surroundings as a form of camouflage. Their body shape and coloration often resemble that of a leaf, making them difficult to spot among foliage.

How long does it take for a leaf to change color?

First, the leave grows into a light green color, Then to a dark green, Then to a yellow or orange color, Then to a brown color