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If your bones are big, there's only so much that can be done. If you are just overweight, though, you'll have to ask yourself how that happened. How much fresh fruit and vegetable to you eat, and how often do you vigorously exercise? Or, how much fried food do you eat, soda do you drink, and how much time to you spend sitting on your bottom? If you want to slim down, buy a bicycle, drink water, and change your life. If you can't dedicate yourself to that... learn to love the chubby knees. Answer Some exercise will help, but it's mostly the good old gene pool. I know, I have chubby knees! I have gotten rid of most of it through exercise, but still have those dimples in the middle.

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2016-03-07 09:07:02
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Q: What do you do to get rid of chubby knees other than going under the knife?
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