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Accurate in science means definite, precise of absolute. Accuracy in science is very critical as without it most experiments would be impossible.

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In science, accuracy refers to how close a measurement or a value is to the true or correct value. It is a measure of how well a result reflects the actual state of the phenomenon being studied. Accuracy is crucial in scientific research as it ensures the reliability and validity of experimental findings.

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if you are close to your target answer....say if a metal is to rect vigourously but your version of the experiment is only boling that means it s getting closer to your target

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Q: What does accurate in science mean?
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Why is accuracy crucial for science?

If you are not accurate in science the outcome of your experiment will be incorrect.

What dose variable mean in science?

A variable is an element in an experiment that you control. There should only be one variable in an experiment or the results will not be accurate.

Why is technology important to science?

technology is important to science, because it helps the numbers in science come out more accurate and easier.

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What does less accurate mean in science?

Accuracy in science is how close something to an accepted answer. Accuracy and precision are often confused. Precision is how exact an answer is, but it does not necessarily mean an answer is correct if something is exactly 1 meter long, someone who says that object is 0.9 meters long would be more accurate than someone who says it is 0.85, because .9 is closer to 1 than .85, however, .85 is a more precise answer because it is more exact, even though it is less accurate

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