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Riders on the storm

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Q: What doors song was noted for its thunder and lightening?
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What Doors song was noted for its thunder and rain sound effects?

"Riders on the Storm" .

Which phrase is correct - 'a roar of thunder' or 'a clap of thunder'?

It depends on which word's connotation best fits the speaker's tone of story that the phrase is in. Use either, but be aware that they are both trite expressions. Think of a surprising [like thunder] way of saying it. How about a shock of thunder, or a grab of thunder? Or punch, fit, stun, ...And you should consider what the phrase is actually describing - some thunder is very much like a low rumbling roar while other thunder is like a the abrupt boom of a cannon going off just overhead. ___ A clap of thunder is one single bang, a roar is longer. A grab of thunder is, with respect, a no-no. It is neither trite nor creative ... However, roar of thunderalways calls to mind the comically trite German nationalist song 'The Watch on the Rhine' which begins (in English translation): A mighty [or mighteous] roar ascends like thunder! It is pure kitsch.

Who sings the song the spectrum song?

The true artist of The Spectrum Song is Paul Frees. Disney has Donalds uncle Scrooge, singing it. (:

What is the song that says fire i can see it burning in your eyes?

Fire by The Black Seeds. I assume you mean the song from the commercial where the woman plays the song on her stereo?

What song was recored by bill Haley and the comets?

what song was recorded by bill haley and the comets and was also the opening song for the hit T.V. sicom "happy days"

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