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the mineral will become wet

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2011-10-25 23:09:39
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Q: What happens when a wave hits an irregular coastline?
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What happens to irregular coastlines over time?

Wave refraction causes deposition in the bays Wave refraction causes erosion of the headlands

What happens when a wave hits a glass barrier?

It breaks.

What happens when a wave hits a rock?

The mineral becomes wet

What happens when a sound wave hits a solid object?

When a sound wave hits a solid object, it bounces back resulting into an echo.

What happens to an electromagnetic wave when if hits a transparent obstacle?

The wave will pass through the transperent object

If a tidal wave hit the eastern US and the wave is 1000 ft how far will the wave travel inland?

A tidal wave hits the US coastline twice a day, as it does everywhere else in the world. I think you mean a 'tsunami'.

What happens to wavelength as a wave leave the air and enters the Perspex?

it stays the same it becomes irregular it decreases it increases

What happens to the angle of the wave if it hits the perspex at 90 degrees?

It does not change.

What happens when a sound wave hits a small thin membrane?

The membrane (such as you eardrum) vibrates.

What happens when a wave hits a barrier it cannot pass through?

It will bounce back. reflection is the bouncing back of an object or wave when it hits a surface through wich it cannot pass.

What happens to a sound wave when it hits something and bounces back?

This is called reflection of sound. It's like a sound wave bouncing on a trampoline.

What happens to the environment after the tsunami?

Floods Wave hits at 600kmph Many weak buildings wiped out

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