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A physiological disease is a disease in which the organs or the systems in the body malfunction causing illnesses. Some examples are Asthma, hypertension, Diabetes, glaucoma, and strokes.

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Q: What is a physiological disease?
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How can you prevent physiological disease?

their are many ways to prevent physiological disease but they are specific to certain types.

What physiological disease did Hitler have?

He was afflicted with Parkinson's Disease .

Is leukemia physiological?

Yes. It is a physiological disease because it affects the physical being of the patient.

How does physiological disease spread and who it affects?

By the malfunctioning of the body, for example an organ. Diabetes and hypertension are physiological diseases.

Pathophysiology is the study of?

how physiological processes are altered in disease or injury

What do you mean by physiological and pathological?

Physiological refers to the characteristics of an organism's normal functioning, while pathalogical is altered or caused by a disease.

Distinguish among pathogenic deficiency hereditary and physiological disease?


What is silkworm disease?

malfunctioning of physiological functions due to biotic and a biotic factors

How do you treat or control a physiological disease?

See a doctor. a physiological disease can be anything physical which is most diseases sou your question is ill formed. perhaps you mean psychological, in which case I would recomend doctor for a referal to a counselor or a psychologist.

What is the medical term meaning study of underlying physiological processes associated with disease?


What is physiological disease?

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What causes physiological diseases?

Physiological diseases are usually caused by a failure of the body organs or in some cases an entire system of a body. A common example of this type of disease is diabetes.

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