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Q: What is cool dense air that descends from the back of a storm called?
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What is it called when cool dense air descends from the back of a storm?


What is cool dense air that descends from the back of a cloud?

A downdraft.

What is a downdraft in the wind before a tornado?

A downdraft is a downward movement of air. Tornado formation is associated with what is called a rear-flank downdraft or RFD. The RFD descends from the back of a supercell thunderstorm and wraps around the rotating part of the storm called the mesocyclone, causing the rotation to tighten and intensify to form a tornado.

Is a violent storm on the sun called a prominence?

Yeah you got that right a violent storm on the sun is called a prominence and whoever says that it is not needs to go back to school!

How do tornadoes develop from thunderstorms?

The process is not fully understood. But, to start off, you need a special kind of thunderstorm called a supercell. Supercells form when the speed and direction of the wind changes significantly with latitude, a condition called wind shear. This tilts thunderstorms, separating the updraft of the storm from the downdraft. This allows the updraft to intensify without the downdraft choking it off, allowing the storm to grow stronger and last longer. Usually the updraft is in the back of the storm while the downdraft is in the front. The wind shear also sets the thunderstorms rotating. The rotation is particularly present in a powerful, rotating updraft called a mesocyclone. As the bottom of the mesocyclone intensifies and pressure drops it triggers a new downdraft near the back of the storm descends and wraps around the mesocyclone, tightening and intensifying the rotation to produce a tornado.

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What are tornado watchers?

They're called storm spotters or storm chasers. They drive close to tornadoes and follow them collecting data or reporting info back to the local National Weather Service office.

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How does twister start?

The process of tornado formation starts when rolling air called wind shear gets taken into the updraft of a thunderstorm. This turns the storm into a supercell, a storm with a strong, rotating updraft called a mesocyclone. Under the right conditions a downdraft can descend from the back of the storm, wrap around the mesocyclone, and force it into a tighter more intense vortex: the tornado itself.

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