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Q: What is makeup and activity of earth's mantle?
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What percent of earths mass does mantle makeup?


What is earths mantle heated by?

Earth's mantle is mainly heated by the decay of radioactive isotopes and residual heat from the formation of the planet. This heat causes convection currents in the mantle which drive plate tectonics and other geological processes.

Where would you be most likely to find granite in earths mantle or earths continents?

you will find it in earths mantle because it is a kind of an igneous rock

What is under the earths surface and in the earths crust?


Where is most of the earths new crust found?

Most of Earth's new crust is found along mid-ocean ridges, underwater mountain ranges where tectonic plates are moving apart. This is where magma rises from the mantle to create new crust through volcanic activity.

How is the mixture of cornstarch and water different from the Earths Mantle?

the earths mantle is very hot were cornstarch is not hot at all

How is the mixture of cornstarch and water differ from the earths mantle?

the earths mantle is very hot were cornstarch is not hot at all

What are three parts that make up earths mantle?

The three parts that make up the Earths mantle are the crust, core, and mantle.

What part is the earths mantle?

The mantle is counted as the middle part of the earth

Is it hot in the earths mantle?

Decay of radioactive elements in the mantle heats it.

Is the earths mantle made of liquid?

No. The Earth's mantle is a ductile solid.

What is the makeup of earths atmosphere?