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Q: What is meant by natural regions?
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What are the four natural regions of California?

The state of California is divided into four natural regions. These regions are the Coastal, Central, Mountain and Desert regions.

What is meant by the terms natural resource?

a) What is meant by the term "sustainable natural resources"?

Does Mexico have regions?

Yes. There are natural regions, socioeconomic regions as well as federal states in Mexico.

What are different natural regions?

The natural regions include the natural vegetation region of mountain alpine forests,tropical forest,rain forest,deserts shrubs,grassland regions,temperate grasslands,marshlands,islands.

What natural regions of California have the most large regions?

Columbia valley

What are three difference between the natural regions and the administrative regions?

Natural regions are geographic areas defined by physical characteristics like climate and terrain, while administrative regions are political divisions created for governing purposes. Natural regions are often used for environmental or ecological research and planning, while administrative regions are used for government organization and management of services. Natural regions can span across political boundaries, while administrative regions are usually defined within specific political jurisdictions.

What are some natural regions?


What is Regions natural vegetation?


How many types of natural regions of the worlds are there?

There are hundreds of natural regions of the world involving, grasslands, mountains, water, and rock areas.

How many natural regions are in Texas?


Why do you have natural regions?

because we have a lot of people

What natural resources can be found in these regions?