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The first periodic table of elements Mendeleev created contained only 45 elements

Elements like barium located toward the bottom of a group have a lower attraction for their valence electrons because they have a

Noble gases share which characteristics

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Q: What is the answer to this periodic table pun a type of men's cologne?
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What type of substances is in the periodic table?

The periodic table is only for the chemical elements.

What type of matter is found in the periodic table?

Elements are found on the periodic table.

Where to download Periodic Table?

log onto google, click on images, type in periodic table.

What contain one type of atom in the periodic table?

All elements in the Periodic Table contain only one type of atom.

What does family mean in the periodic table?

a family of the periodic table is like a group of elements of the same type.

What contains only one type of atom in the periodic table?

All elements in the periodic table contain only one type of atom.

The type of element grouped on the left side of the periodic table is the?

Metals are grouped together to the left of the Periodic table.

What contains only one type of atom and is found on the periodic table?

An element. All elements have one type of atom and are listed on the periodic table.

What side of the periodic table are nonmetals found on?

The right side. If you don't have a chart, you can type "Periodic Table" into google images.

Can I see a periodic table?

Just go to Google, click on images, and type in Periodic Table. You can find them practically anywhere.

What does the periodic table have?

The periodic table has, what are called, elements. Elements are substances made up of only one type of atom.

What is the name of the chemist who first designed the periodic table of elements?

the first type of periodic table is designed by Dmirit Mendeleev.

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