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The Universe

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How long does it take for the solar system to make one orbit around the Milky Way galactic center

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Q: What is the biggest the sun a comet a planet an universe or a galaxy?
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What are the objects in our universe from smallest to largest?

Moon/Comet/Asteriod/Meteor Smallest Planet Star/Sun Solar System Galaxy Local Group of Galaxies Universe Biggest

What is bigger moon solar system meteorite comet star galaxy universe?

Obviously, the Universe is the biggest of that lot. Next biggest is "galaxy", then solar system, then star, then moon. A comet is usually bigger than a meteorite, but not always.

Is the milkyway a planet or a comet?

It is not a planet, and it is not a comet.

Is a comet usually the smallest out of Galaxy dwarf planet major planet?


What are three characteristics that are shared by every electron asteroid comet planet star and galaxy in the universe?

All have mass and with mass comes a gravitational field. Also, all are the reminants of the creation of the universe.

What is the milky way a type of comet or planet?

Neither ! It's a galaxy !

What is a list of astronomical objects in order of increasing size?

- Meteoroid - Comet - Asteroid - Planetary satellite - Planet - Star - Star cluster - Galaxy - Galactic Cluster - Universe

Which is smallest to largest galaxy planet asrtroid comet universe solar system mederite or stare?

Dunno -if U carnt bee bovered to spelink properly den we shud eye.

What kind of galaxy is the Comet galaxy?

A comet one stupid.

Is a comet in the solar system or the galaxy?

A comet is in a solar system. A solar system is in a galaxy, so technically a comet is also in a galaxy.

Is Ceres the biggest of an asteroid or a comet?

no. it makes a big ball o fire in a planet.

Is the universe every single galaxy?

Yes, it is. The universe is all of time and space, including every star, planet, heavenly body, gas cloud, dust cloud, light, energy, matter, anti-matter, black hole, solar system, galaxy, asteroid, comet, meteor, moon, in whatever system or configuration it resides.

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