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Conceptual models are mental images that are developed in an effort to picture something.

A physical model is an actual, physical construction.

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Q: What is the difference between a conceptual model and a physical model?
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What is the difference between a physical model and a conceptual model?

conceptual model :A conceptual model uses idea to suggest what system is or how it works.A physical model : A physical model might be a scale model , either larger or smaller than the actual system it represents.

Is the VSEPR mode a physical model a conceptual model?

VSEPR is a conceptual model, as it has not been directly observed.

Difference between physical and abstract system?

An abstract system is usually conceptual model which can be the result of design or invention. A physical systems, on the other hand, is a system based only on matter and energy.

What are types of a model?

3 types of a model are-Physical-Mathematical-Conceptual

Is the globe mathermical physical or conceptual model?

im not sure

Three types of models used by scirntists?

it is a physical model, mathmatical model, and a conceptual model

Basic differences between conceptual schema and a physical schema?

* Conceptual - a model that captured the essential data that needed to be stored and the relationships between elements * * ** Physical - the on disk representation of data that accounts for layout, partitioning, index, space management, etc.

How is the physical model the same as the conceptual model?

both models represent the actual system

Difference between conceptual level and record based model?

I don't know, sorry but go to, that website might have an answer

Types of scientific models?

Types of Scientific Models a. Physical Model b. Conceptual Model c. Mathematical Model

What are the three types of scientific model?

1. Physical 2. Mathematical 3. Conceptual

What is the difference when dealing with your virtual machines about the OSI model?

There is no difference in the OSI model between a real physical machine and a virtualized one.

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