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The light microscope can use light to better see the molecule. And a electron microscope can find and go deeper in a cell

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Q: What is the difference between a light microscope and an electric microscope?
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What is the difference between light and electric microscopes?

The difference between a light and electric microscope is that the light microscope is solar powered

What is the difference of a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope?

what is difference between compound microscope and electron microscope

Difference between light and compound microscope?

The light and compound microscope are the same thing.

What is the difference between optical and electron microscope?

The electron microscope is stronger than the optical microscope Electron microscope use electrons not light waves

What is the difference between a magnifying glass and a compound light microscope?

A magnifying glass has one lenses and a compound light microscope has 2 lenses

What is the difference between a optical microscope and a non- optical microscope?

light is must for optical microscope while is not necessary for nonn optical one

Explain the difference between a light scanning and electron microscope?

A scanning electron microscope will scan the surface and an electron microscope looks inside.

What is the difference between a light microscope and a TEM?

source of illuminatio is light in first and beam of electrons in second

What is the difference between a light microscope and a compound microscope?

light microscopes shoe only black and white pictures. When a compound microscope shows color when you look through the eye-piece.

What does the transmission electron microscope have in difference with a light microscope?

an elecron microscope can zoom in on the object further than the light microscope

What the difference between light microscope and electron microscope?

Resolution and magnification. Electron microscopes use electron beams (shorter wavelengths) whereas light microscopes use visible light.

Difference between light and electron microscope?

Golgi body is responsible for packaging protein for the cell

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