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The normal temperature for a healthy human is 98.6 degrees fahrenheit.

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Q: What is the normal body heat?
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What is your body heat?

Normal core temperature should be 98.6.

What do you call the heat of the body?

Corporal (or body) temperature. When it is above normal, it is called hyperthermia or fever and when it is below normal is called hypothermia.

What is your body heat temperature?

Normal core temperature should be 98.6.

What body system helps to maintain normal body temperature by dissipating excess heat?

brain system

Do redheads emit more body heat than normal while sleeping?


What muscle tissue produces a significant amount of body heat?

skeletal muscles. they produce roughly 85% of the heat needed to maintain normal body temperature

What is heat of body?

The normal body temperature of a healthy human is either 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees Celsius.

If normal body temperature is 98 6 what does a body temp of 97 0 say about ones body?

It says your body temperature is 1.6 degrees below "normal". "Normal" can change based on conditions, body heat, surroundings, etc.... I do not think I have ever had a reading of 98.6. It is just a baseline for normal/average body temperature.

What happens to dermal blood vessels when body temperature drops below normal?

Dermal blood vessels constrict to conserve heat when body temperature drops below normal.

Is it normal that your guinea pigs ears went from normal to hot?

Yes, this can be normal. As long as the ears do not stay hot. The ears are a way to rid the body of excess heat.

What type of heat is body heat?

Body heat is the heat that your body has and sweat to cool your body down .

When the body temperature drops below normal are dermal blood vessels likely to dilate?

When body temperature drops below normal, dermal vessels are likely to constrict to maintain core body temperature, limiting heat loss through the skin. In contrast, when body temperature is elevated, the vessels in the dermis are likely to dilate to help the body release excess heat.

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