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Fill the bucket with warm water bleach and bubbly stuff. Put your mop in and squeeze out excess water. Then push it over the floor removing dirt. Try not to walk over the area you just mopped.

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Q: What is the procedure for mopping a floor?
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Can you polish hardwood floor?

I suggest mopping or buffing.

How does a floor dry out after mopping?

By evaporation, if you don't dry it yourself

How do you remove rock salt stains from tile floor?

Use a floor neutralizer with a PH of 8. Use a mop, just like you were mopping. Do not mix it with a cleaner, though. After mopping with the neutralizer, clean the floor with a neutral cleaner.

How can you save water when you are cleaning the floor?

after you use the water for mopping the floor you boil it and then you can use it again

Liquid wax for vinyl floor to polish by mopping?

Mop & Glo is a type of liquid wax for vinyl flooring that you might polish by mopping.

What are the advantages of using a floor buffer over mopping?

Some advantages of using a floor buffer over mopping are that you will get a very good clean floor. It takes a little less effort to do, and you arnt just pushing dirty water around

Why must the water for mopping the floor be hot?

so it gets all the germs up

How much water do you put into a bucket to mop a floor?

._. dappenz on how mch the area of the floor is realy i would put about a gallon if i were mopping my kitchen.

What are some procedures used for buffing floors?

There are several procedures used for buffing floors like dust mopping, sweeping, mopping, waxing and running a motorized floor mop, buffer, or sanitizer.

What kind of cleaner should be used when mopping a kitchen floor?

When mopping a kitchen floor, you should use a cleaner such as dish soap and a small amount of baking soda. This mixture should be strong enough to clean the dirt away but not so strong as to damage the flooring.

What to use for mopping the floor?

There are many options to use when mopping the floor. First one must either choose to use a mop with a handle or a rag on hands and knees. There are many products one can find in a store such as Walmart and Target that can assist in the liquid portion of mopping the floor. This includes bleach mixed with water, lysol, and other name brand products specific for floor cleaning like Swiffer. Other home remedies are Lipton tea, soap and water, and vinegar and dish washing detergent.

About how many calories will a 150-pound person burn up mopping the floor for 10 minutes?

PCH = 51 Calories

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