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the surface temperature range on mars is 32 f

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Q: What is the surface temperature range for Mars?
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What does the temperature reach to on mars?

The surface temperature on Mars can range from -185 degrees F to 75 degrees F. (-118 to 25 degrees C)

What is mars average surface temperature in Fahrenheit?

The average temperature for the surface of Mars can range from -207 degree Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The air pressure of the planet can be as heavy as 20 tons.

What si the surface temperature on mars?

The surface temperature on mars differs according to different times of the day. At noon the surface temperature of Mars reaches as high as about 20 degrees Celsius.

Why does neptune have a lower surface temperature than mars?

Neptune has lower surface temperature than Mars 'cause Mars is closer to the sun.

What is the temperature range on Mars?

Mars' average temperature is −63 °C and can range between−87 °C and 20 °C

What is the surface temperatureof Mars?

the surface temperature of mars is 27 celsius on a warm summers day - mark dubois

What is Mars temperature in feirenheit?

the average temperature on Mars is minus 81F, the temperature range is from max 68F to a minimum of minus 220F

What planet has the least variation in surface temperature?


Does Mars have a safe gravity range?

yes. The gravity on the surface of Mars is about 38% of the Earth's.

What is the temperature range in mars?

-60 degree Celsius

What is the surface temperature range of Phobos moon of mars?

Maximum Temp. is -4 degree C. Minimum Temp. is -112 degree C.

What is Jupiter's surface temperature range?

Jupiter's surface temperature range is from 112K (-161C or -258F) to 165K (-108C or -162F).

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