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The value of Kw is 1.0 times 10-14 m2

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Q: What is the value of Kw?
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How do you convert kW to p.u value?

p.u value=actual value in any unit/base value in same unit

How many KW equal to 250KVA?

250kva times the power factor gives the kW. the value of power factor angle is needed..

What is the energy value of kerosene in kw hours per liter?


Water ionizes into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions It has a what value?

Kw (:

Is the value of Kw always 1.0 x 10-14?


Water ionizes into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. It has a value.?

Kw (:

What is the numerical value of Kw at 298 k?

It is 1 x 10-14

How is Kw valid?

Kw is the ionisation constant for water at 25°C which value is 1.0x10^-14. (chemistry)In water at any pH the equilibrium state Kw is defined by and equal to the 'ion product':Kw = [H3O+]*[OH-] = 1.0*10-14at room temperature 25°C

How many amps does a kW heater at 240 volts take?

There is one part of the question missing. To find an answer the kW of the heater must be stated. Then the equations used are, to change kW to watts, Kw/1000 = watts. Once that is found then use, I = W/E, Amps = Watts/Volts. This will give you the value in amperage of the heater.

What is the pH of pure water at 313 K if Kw at that temperature is 2.917 x 10 -14?

"The pH of PURE water will always be 7." This is false. As the temperature rises for pure water, so does the Kw value. Kw=2.917 x 10^-14. Kw=[OH-][H+]. Kw=[1.708 x 10^-7]^2. -log(1.708 x 10^-7)=6.76=pH

What is the value for the ionization constant Kw for water at 25 degrees celsius?

1.0*10^-14 No Units

How do you convert 4.9 kW at 240 volts to amps?

The value of 4.9 kW is equal to 4900 watts. Use the following equation to find the amperage for your question. I = W/E, Amps = Watts / Volts.

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